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Master Class 2014

Part of the European Ceramic Context 2014 Materiality - Body as a tool – Ceramic heritage as matter An abandoned tile-factory on the isle of Bornholm was the site of the Masterclass Materiality - Body as Tool - Ceramic Heritage as Matter. Large amounts of clay deposits, developed through specific geological processes, were at the base of a once flourishing ceramic industry. The remnants of the human activity of clay-winning and brick-making have a strong power and beauty. Awareness of clay both as a natural material, which is animated by all kinds of forces, and as the raw substance for the ceramic industry were at the heart of the processes one engaged in during the workshop. Direct physical involvement with a large amount of raw clay takes one out of an object directed way of thinking and invites one into an experiential approach of the material. Without preconceived ideas about the result the physical, performative aspect of working with clay was emphasized and new possibilities emerged. Some reactions of participants: "The week was so full of very special and deep experiences which I find difficult to express in words. I think we had a unforgettable time all together. Since I saw the first film of yours I have wished to feel and form the clay with my body. The ultimate act for a ceramist I think. I am sure that it will make a vital influence on my work." "I found a very unexpected way to think about, treat and communicate some of my worries, troubles and perhaps even sadness, as if out there in the woods - in the clay - there\'s no past or present, no future, no worries or sorrows. It was very powerful to experience a notion of actually being "care free". - and in a very light and calm way. I have meditated earlier, but I\'ve never reached "such a state of mind"."
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Master Class 2015

Part of the European Craft Summit 2015, Mons, Belgium. Clay....and your whole body as tool.



Master Class



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